Free Sport Kit

Schools In contract with School Uniform Direct that opted for the SPORTS4SCHOOL PROGRAM are entitled to a Free Sport Kit allowance.

  • The Sport kits provided, will feature branding/sponsorship of School Uniform Direct. The School are entitled to use this allowance to any sport that will be used within the school. The Value of this cannot exceed the school’s annual allowance. However, The School can purchase any additional items at our non-profit rate or a further subsidised rate if sponsored by SUD in addition to the annual allowance.

  • Check your contract to see how much your school is entitled to.


  • The Free Sport Kit allowance cannot be used towards purchasing staff wear or sport equipment.


  • The Free Sport Kit allowance cannot be exchanged for a correspondent value in cash or any other kind of currency.


  • Here's what you can use your Free Sport Kit allowance for:

1. Team Kits - for any sport

2. Bibs

3. Teamwear (e.g. rain jackets, tracksuits, bags, etc.)